Music of the Week | Cage The Elephant

If you were hysteric over Nirvana’s music in the ’90s, you ought to be hysteric over Cage The Elephant’s music in the 21st Century. This American band, formed in 2006, is bound to get you addicted to their punk beats, the lead vocalist Matthew Schultz’s husky voice, and their eclectic sound.  Their album Tell Me I’m Pretty won the award for Best Rock Album at the 59th Grammy Awards. They are a band to look out for in this decade and their live performances are full of raw energy — a missing element in many performances today and a stellar reminder of their influences, embedded in ’90s punk rock scene, particularly Nirvana.

One cannot simply overlook the heavy Stanley Kubrick movie references they make in their hit song Cold Cold Cold.

Listen to another one of their hits Trouble, again a video tribute to Hollywood westerns.


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