Karl Marx at 200: Only older but still relevant | Sunday Reading List

Very few thinkers in history have had the honour of having a political influence that could be well equated with religious influence. Marx, they say, started out a religion of thought in economic and political theory. Born on 05 May, 1818, he turned 200 yesterday and the world economy, as the “other side” would argue isn’t anything that he said it would be. But they’re wrong – to conclude that Marx failed in his critique of capitalism is to have not read him at all. Marx still provides the best critique of capitalism and that is what makes him relevant even today. Here are a few important articles published on his 200th birthday.

A New Marxian Century by John Bellamy Foster, Jacobin Magazine

Is Marx Still Relevant? by Peter Singer, Project Syndicate

Karl Marx 2.00 by Amartya Sen, Indian Express

Karl Marx, 200 Years Later by Ramin Jahanbegloo, The Hindu


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