Carrying Over Our Evolutionary Past | Mitakshara Medhi

Men go for a woman’s outer beauty, while women fall for a man’s money. This is, perhaps, the most sexist statement that does the rounds in the dating sphere today. Many might covertly agree with this fact, while others who know it to be false, wouldn’t. But what if this statement actually had an evolutionary basis? Continue reading Carrying Over Our Evolutionary Past | Mitakshara Medhi

Only Love is Real| Mitakshara Medhi

Needless to say, he had considered that past life recollection as figments of imagination, when two things happened – first, her problems started disappearing.
Second, she was contacted by the highly evolved souls, who talked of Weiss’s life – the death of his father and son – something which Catherine had absolutely no way of knowing. Thus, began his journey of past life regression therapy, whereby he had helped more than 4000 patients with it till date. Continue reading Only Love is Real| Mitakshara Medhi

The Circus of Diagnosis| Mitakshara Medhi

In 1973, David L. Rosenhan conducted an experiment to check the validity of diagnosis in mental health institutes; more particularly, psychiatric wards. What he did was send eight mentally healthy individuals, with no past history of mental illness, to 12 psychiatric clinics and hospitals at different levels – rural, urban, government, and private. One of the eight “pseudo-patients” was Rosnehan himself… Continue reading The Circus of Diagnosis| Mitakshara Medhi

Consent of the Corpses|Mitakshara Medhi

It is not very clear as to why Necrophilia develops in the first place. One may be the phobia of rejection. Hence, a dead body would be a safer option to derive sexual pleasures from. Second, it may be seen as “romantic” when the corpse is that of a deceased loved one. There may be hints of denial of the death altogether. Many necrophiliacs report low self esteem. Continue reading Consent of the Corpses|Mitakshara Medhi

Fuzzy Logic|Homanga Bharadwaj

Fuzzy logic is the mathematical formulation of approximating reality. It is well known that binary logic has ones and zeroes only i.e. either a statement is completely true or false. Although it is mathematically and computationally convenient to have such a system in place, it does not fit in well with the ways in which humans think and act. Continue reading Fuzzy Logic|Homanga Bharadwaj

Why we owe DNS a big time | Vishal Raj Dutta

Take a moment, and imagine life without a contacts list .Imagine having to remember the phone numbers of all those you call up. All 10 digits. Goosebumps of the wrong kind, right? I mean Mom, Dad, and maybe even a significant other is doable, but in a world where laziness is the defining motto, it’d make life torturous.

The working of the Internet is somewhat in parallel lines. Continue reading Why we owe DNS a big time | Vishal Raj Dutta

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Artificial Intelligence is the science of development of computer systems that can mimic human actions like perception, speech recognition, language processing and decision making. Artificial Intelligence algorithms had been conceived by people way before the second industrial revolution i.e. the computing age. It is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary domain that has seen the participation of researchers from Psychology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Biotechnology and a host of other fields. Continue reading Close Encounters of the Third Kind