Film of the Week | 20th Century Women

Memories of people, places, art, culture, fashion, politics and social movements collide to form an encyclopedic backdrop of a late 1970s California where the film is set in. He lends these memories to his principal characters, a 55-year-old single mother (Dorothea) and her 14-year-old son (Jamie), and in doing so, infuses the film with an undercurrent of poignancy and nostalgia. Continue reading Film of the Week | 20th Century Women

Film of the Week| Slacker

Slacker, which has gone on to earn itself a repute of being the definitive Generation X movie, is quite worthy of its reputation : in its self-indulging monologues which are rooted in the rejection of the mainstream and its lack of a narrative structure which itself is a meta-commentary on the possibilities of storytelling, the film is an anthem of the layabout twenty-somethings who spend their days drifting in space-time rambling about almost anything that they can get their mind to ponder upon. Continue reading Film of the Week| Slacker

Film of the Week| The Conversation

The film opens with a bird-eye view of the Union Square in San Francisco with people moving around like mini-figurines on a tableaux. You immediately sense the incongruity between the image and the sound; the image is an assortment of people — individuals, couples, families, street-performers — but the sound is glitchy, sensitive, motile and pointedly one-dimensional – a man and a woman are conversing and they are being recorded. Continue reading Film of the Week| The Conversation

Film of the Week| Winter Sleep

Ceylan is not sympathetic to his characters — they are lonely and conceited — and he writes them with such compelling truth that is fascinating and disturbing in equal measures. The only bit of sympathy he provides to his characters is ample amount of dialogue as if Ceylan has chosen only to film those moments when these characters aren’t caught up with themselves and are interacting. But as the film progresses, you realise that most of the film happens and most of the truth resides in what is not said rather than what is said. Continue reading Film of the Week| Winter Sleep