Walking | Henry David Thoreau

This week’s addition to the Sunday Reading list comes from pioneering Transcendentalist and proponent of Civil Disobedience Henry David Thoreau. It comes in the shape of his 1962 essay titled ‘Walking’ (sometimes referred to as ‘The Wild’). The essay was molded in during the course of various lectures given by Thoreau – the first being in 1951 at Concord Lyceum. Continue reading Walking | Henry David Thoreau

The Right to Ridicule|Ronald Dworkin

This week’s addition to the Sunday Reading list comes from American philosopher, jurist and U.S. Constitutional law expert Ronald Dworkin. Not one to shy away from commenting on the legal and political developments around himself, Dworkin was a frequently dishing out pieces from his writing desk for The New York Review of Books. Continue reading The Right to Ridicule|Ronald Dworkin

Nationalism|Rabindranath Tagore

While Rabindranath Tagore may be well known as literary personality – encompassing the fields as a poet, novelist, and playwright – it remains largely an academic adventure to delve deeper into his writings to dig out the philosopher that he was. Engaging and tackling with the issue of Nationalism, Tagore had already clarified his discomfort with the concept espoused by the nationalists of then in works such as Gora (1910), Char Adhyay and Ghare Baire (1916). But the main text of criticism of the nationalist position was titled ‘Nationalism’ and published first in 1917. Continue reading Nationalism|Rabindranath Tagore

The Responsibility of Intellectuals|Noam Chomsky

This week’s Sunday reading list features Noam Chomsky’s 1967 essay titled ‘The Responsibility of Intellectuals’. In the essay, Chomsky had spoken out against the war in Vietnam and raised questions against the intellectual culture which was “subservient to power”. The essay completes 50 years since publication this week. http://www.nybooks.com/articles/1967/02/23/a-special-supplement-the-responsibility-of-intelle/ Continue reading The Responsibility of Intellectuals|Noam Chomsky

Roger Federer as Religious Experience|David Foster Wallace

wo years before David Foster Wallace hanged himself in his California home, he wrote about the wide-eyed ecstasy and jaw-dropping exhilaration of watching Roger Federer play. This was the year 2006 in which Roger appeared in all the 4 grand slam finals, winning all except the French Open where he lost to Nadal in their first ever Grand Slam final meeting. He also made it to 6 ATP Masters finals (winning 4), won one ATP 500 Series event, and also took home the year-end Masters Cup. Continue reading Roger Federer as Religious Experience|David Foster Wallace

We Refugees| Hannah Arendt

Catharsis Magazine brings to you a Sunday reading list. We start with the issue of refugees, given the issue’s magnanimity in global politics currently, and the recent executive order passed by Donald Trump, President of the United States, indefinitely suspending admissions for Syrian refugees and limiting the inflow of other refugees into the United States. In her essay, ‘We Refugees’, Hannah Arendt writes the following: … Continue reading We Refugees| Hannah Arendt