Formality is Boring & Overrated | Bruhad Dave

Bruhad Dave I have often felt that I, unlike some people I know, am not so invested in any pursuit or subject, that I can safely call myself any sort of authority where it is concerned. For example, I have a few friends who are irrevocably on their way to become lawyers (so you really ought to avoid trying to sue me for my opinions, … Continue reading Formality is Boring & Overrated | Bruhad Dave

The Stranded Alien | Full Metal Slacker

See yourselves from the perspective of an alien and tell me you are not odd. I mean, you have millions of antennae sprouting from the peak of your body, all cropped and colored. Moist, squishy balls rotate freakishly in two sunken sockets on your front, reflecting light and squirting salty water once in a while. There is an odd nob at the centre of your face that you scrunch up in disgust. You have calcium bricks lining the inside of a cavity that has a monstrous, pink mound of wriggly flesh you use to communicate and taste with. There are twisted, semi-circular projections on both sides of your head through which you perceive noises and this, my friend, is just your head.

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Love is a Losing Game?| Antara Kashyap

But a part of me deep down wants to love like that. The fierce, intense, passionate kind of love that can make you overdose on your alcohol and kill yourself. Because that’s how you know you have power over somebody and they have so much power over you too. That is exactly how capable you are to be destroyed or destroy someone. But you don’t. Continue reading Love is a Losing Game?| Antara Kashyap

Bharatanatyam Pedagogy – A Structural & Methodical Building Block

As a dancer, I also understand the intricacies of the art form and I am equally interested in knowing the history behind the systematization of it; which gives dancers of today a framework and discipline to study, practice and perform in. The doyen of modern Bharatanatyam, Kalakshetra’s Rukmini Arundale gave a framework to the present day teaching- learning style. Continue reading Bharatanatyam Pedagogy – A Structural & Methodical Building Block

Turn to Page 1984|Joshua Eugine

As of late, Indian History Textbooks, in particular, have gotten into the nasty habit of conveniently forgetting integral parts of the country’s past. The reason for this sudden oblivion remains unanswered but most recently, the Rajasthan state syllabus erased an entire section on Jawaharlal Nehru and his contribution towards the liberation of our country from colonial rule. Continue reading Turn to Page 1984|Joshua Eugine

Disciplinary Regimes|Hipster Jesus

My partner in crime has fallen. Fallen in the Battle of Boredom. He suffered extensive sleepiness and succumbed to the same. The firing of the first paper bullet across the border had instigated an impromptu war. Paper balls were flying around. I started this war so I have to continue it. God, I love the smell of napalm–well, paper, in the morning–well, afternoon. Continue reading Disciplinary Regimes|Hipster Jesus