Mon Jai: A Retrospective| Sandipan Goswami

One of the major achievements of the film is that it portrayed the Assamese youth, in all its ragged glory, faithfully for the first time. The film’s refusal to shy away from taboos, which is evident in its frank portrayal of sex and use of suggestive and expletive language, makes its realism refreshingly welcome. Continue reading Mon Jai: A Retrospective| Sandipan Goswami

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!| Arun Philip

The episode starts with a giant talking head’s appearance, causing changes to the Earth’s gravity, and thereby causing immediate climate change etc. It has only one thing to say, “Show me what you got.” Rick immediately recognizes it to be a Cromulon, and what it wants: an original hit song. Rick and Morty go to the Pentagon and inform the US president what they know. Unfortunately, all the famous musicians are dead, and it is up to Rick and Morty to make the next “it” song. Continue reading Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!| Arun Philip

Of the ‘Arts’ and ‘Sciences’

One of the most crucial battles that Psychology has had to fight is for a legitimate identity. Needless to say, the only possible way, as is popularly perceived, is to earn the label of a science. In today’s world, seeing is believing. Hard facts, supported by scores of research, are needed to acknowledge that a phenomenon does exist. This is the job of “pure” sciences of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. But for Psychology, it has been a rocky ride, at least in the West. Continue reading Of the ‘Arts’ and ‘Sciences’