Greed: One For The Children| Bruhad Dave

Man and Woman accepted the Greed graciously and put it with their own portions, in their minds. The animals later discovered that they were stuck in their new shapes and they would need food to live happily ever after. However they no longer took more than they needed for themselves. They became not- greedy. ‘Not-greedy’ is not a real word. But it means ‘content’ which is a real word and which means being happy with what you have.

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A Battle Far Above| Bruhad Dave

The first character of the grand play made his sufficiently grand entrance. It was a huge, and I mean huge, swordfish. His tail fins splayed as far as the wingspan of a small aeroplane, he writhed in the sky. His impressive dorsal fin quivered and undulated as he swam and his formidable and sharp snout waved this way and that as he searched for his quarry. Continue reading A Battle Far Above| Bruhad Dave

Nightmares|Bruhad Dave

Simon was in the CIA. But his job was even more secretive than what was usual for the Agency. He was their inside man in Area 51. The fabled, and much fictionalised zone where aliens were supposedly studied by the government, was where Simon spent his days working his fingers off. He was a record-keeper with the highest level security clearance, meaning that he could note all observations and occurrences without exceptions…. Continue reading Nightmares|Bruhad Dave